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      HunanHuashi CeramicGlassMachinery Co., Ltd.,founded in 1990,formerly known as XiangtanHuashiCeramic Machinery Co., Ltd., .covers an area of 35,000 square meters, owns strong technical force and all kinds of advanced processing and testing equipments, has rich experience in production management, owns more than 200 employees, including 8 senior engineers and 22 technicians, is a professional manufacturer of the ceramic machinery and glass deep processing machinery.

      The main products of the company are: the ceramic machinery( including the series of pug mill, filter press, piston pump, ball mill and mixer),and the glass deep processing machinery (including straight edge machine, beveling machine, drilling machine, washing machine, bilateral machine, four sides machine and all kinds of glass processing lines).

      The company has consistently adhered to the business philosophy of "Integrity foremost and to be anice person before doing everything”,and has been to provide customers with quality products and after-sales service as the core competitiveness of enterprises and serve the customers and the community with thespirit of integrity, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative.Hope to hold hands with you to create the brilliant futuretogether.